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"Steps & Stops: Modern Methods & Timeless Tools For Your Success"

Discover a new approach to success that encompasses every aspect of your life. In "Steps & Stops," you'll learn how to define and achieve holistic success through application of the innovative Five Flames Model and the Steps & Stops Strategy.

"Steps & Stops" is not just about theory; it is filled with practical advice, real-life examples, and actionable strategies. Whether you struggle with procrastination, fear of failure, or imposter syndrome, this book offers tools and techniques to overcome these common obstacles. You'll find reflective questions, exercises, and step-by-step guides to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Success is not one-size-fits-all. This book encourages you to define what success means to you, based on your values and aspirations. By customizing the principles and strategies to fit your unique journey, you can achieve a more personalized and meaningful success.

"Steps & Stops" is designed for anyone looking to make significant life changes—whether you're starting a business, seeking personal growth, or navigating a major life transition like retirement or parenthood. The book empowers you with inspirational yet pragmatic advice, helping you build a life that is as fulfilling as it is successful.

Cover of the book "Steps & Stops: Modern Methods & Timeless Tools for Building Your Success" by Felipe Carreras. The cover features robotic hands constructing a city model on a workbench with tools.

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what's in the book?

"Steps & Stops" offers a comprehensive guide that challenges conventional definitions of success. You'll find practical advice, real-life examples, and actionable strategies designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Each chapter provides insights into overcoming common obstacles, setting realistic goals, and maintaining a balanced approach to success.

Key Features

  • Holistic Success: This book goes beyond the standard goal of "work/life" balance, instead aiming to harmonize all aspects of your life. Don't ignore your relationships or passions in the pursuit of a dream others have put out there as the only definition of success. Chart your own course and live your own life.

  • Innovative Frameworks: Learn about the Five Flames ModelTM and the Steps and StopsTM Strategy. These new approaches to classic challenges use the best and leave the rest. Discover how to adapt well-known, time-tested business tools to increase personal productivity.

  • Actionable Strategies: This isn't a book to add to your "shelf-esteem". It's about taking steps and actions that you haven't taken before. Overcome the roadblocks that have stood in your way and get past them once and for all.

What This Book Isn't

  • Not A Silver Bullet: This book doesn't offer instant solutions, hacks, or quick fixes. Achieving holistic success requires time, effort, and commitment.

  • Not a Traditional Self-Help Book: This guide goes beyond typical self-help advice, providing practical tools and strategies you can apply to your life immediately.

  • Not a Passive Experience: You're encouraged to actively participate through reflective questions at the end of each chapter and engage in exercises found in the bonus materials available on this site..

  • Not an Academic Text: While informed by research, the book is written in an accessible and engaging style, making complex ideas easy to understand and apply.

From the Author

Hello there – my name is Felipe Carreras, the author of "Steps & Stops." With over 20 years of experience in eCommerce, digital marketing, and corporate leadership, I've had the privilege of managing enterprise-level projects and seeing them through to completion. However, I've often struggled to apply the discipline, tools and techniques I learned at the office to my personal life. My journey into entrepreneurship was the spark that inspired me to develop new skills and frameworks to bridge this gap. This ultimately led to the creation of the Five Flames Model and the Steps & Stops Strategy, which are featured in this book. I hope you can learn from my experiences and avoid some of the challenges I faced. I wish you the best with your journey, wherever it takes you.


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